Why We Need People and Not Software to Do Translations

Hi, this month I decided to post this article from Bernadine Racoma. By definition, translation is the process of changing written text created in one language into another language. It does involve interpretation because it is not possible to translate the source document into the target document word for word, as this will change the… View Article

Do You Trust Me?

Anyone who has seen the movie Titanic recalls the famous seen between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. The question, “Do You Trust Me?” is an important one, especially when it comes to deciding on who should be your interpreter or who should be the right person to choose some highly sensitive personal or legal document… View Article

What Can a Paralegal Do and Not Do

Many people are often confused as to what a paralegal can do and not do. This article by Kris Canaday sums it up well, so I am linking to it. “Paralegals: What do they do By knowing the definition of a paralegal, you know what paralegals do – they provide substantive legal support to attorneys…. View Article

How Qualified Is Your Interpreter or Translator?

Many times, we have a need for some kind of help.  We don’t often know where to find something and often we look at advertisements or do web searches for a service.  Some companies have the money to advertise substantially.  Does that mean they are better, though? Not really. Often the people who are great… View Article

MLTMS Owner RosaMaria Vitoria Honored with Award

Our very own RosaMaria Vitoria has been selected for inclusion in the Trademark Women of Distinction Honors Edition.  It recognizes the accomplishments of today’s “best and brightest” woman in business. Vitoria was chosen for her leadership, dedication and professional excellence. Her compassion and expertise set the standard in the industry. She has truly dedicated herself… View Article

Translation Interpretation Services in Brevard the Space Coast FL

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Languages May Vary From Region to Region

Most of us assume that foreign languages are universally spoken the same way.  In other words, a person speaking Spanish in Mexico, for example, would speak the same way as a person saying the same word in Spain.  Well, this isn’t the case. Foreign languages are as complicated and as varying as English.  They are… View Article

Speaking the “Right” Language

Hello.  Hola.  Aloha.  Guten Tag. These are just some of the ways people in the United States say hello to each other every day.  While most of us use Hello every day, there are 14 Million people in our country whose primary language is not English. So, that means they use another word for Hello…. View Article

Are you a number or a person?

There are many large companies out there that do what we do at MLTMS. The challenge with that is you are often treated like a small fish in a big pond. Or, even worse, you don’t even really have a name as you get assigned some client number that becomes your identity because there are… View Article